The New Paleo Trend: Skipping Soap and Shampoo

Some paleo diet followers have begun to shun conventional hygiene products. That’s right, no brand soap or shampoo. They are opting for a more natural and healthy way to cleanse their bodies.

How It Works

Your skin, as you may already know, has an infinity number of bacteria. Instead of stripping down or killing bacteria with chemicals contained in soap and cleansers, your skin is the healthiest when these trillions of bacteria are in balance. This allows the healthy bacteria to do its job by naturally keeping the good and getting rid of the bad things that affect your skin.

What You Can Do

You don’t have to give up all at once or at all, but here are some simple tips you can start doing to improve your skin:

  1. Shorter and less frequent showers
  2. Using non-scented soaps or hygiene products.
  3. Setting water temperature to warm or cold.
  4. Use all natural products.

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