How To Survive The Holidays On The Paleo Diet

It’s that time of the year again and the holidays are here. Between buying presents, decorating, cooking a feast and trying to keep a paleo lifestyle all at the same time, this jolly time comes with some stress. Here is a little help to help you survive and enjoy the holidays.

Stay Healthy

Winter is famous for the common cold and with the holiday stress, we tend to neglect our bodies. Make sure you get a full night rest and enough vitamin D and C to prevent catching a cold when you run around stores packed with people that may be sick. Also, make sure you don’t skip your exercise routine this month.

Plan Ahead

If you are hosting the feast, you are in luck. You can prepare a delicious and healthy meal without worrying about whether something is paleo or not. Make sure you don’t make a fuzz about it if the majority of your guests are not on the paleo diet. Also, remember to accommodate for traditional foods your guests might be used to eating during the holidays.

If you are heading to a relative’s home for dinner, don’t be afraid. Feel free to bring some easy snacks like jerky or mixed nuts in case there is not much paleo diet friendly food around. Don’t feel the need to give an explanation about your eating habits. You can always say, “no thank you” or “eating gluten makes my belly ache.”

Relax and Enjoy

Make sure you don’t lose track of what is really important this time of year. Being with family and friends sharing special moments is what you should be focusing on. Don’t stress and beat yourself over if you slipped and ate a crescent roll. Give yourself a break, but don’t set a binge eating spiral because of that one choice.

Happy Holidays!

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