The Paleolithic Era

The paleo diet derives from the Paleolithic Era, but what does that mean? In this blog post, we try to give a quick explanation about the period in time that the paleo diet emulates.

What Is The Paleolithic Era?

Also known as the Old Stone Age, the Paleolithic Era is the time from the beginning of human existence to about 12,000 years ago. Old stone age people were always on the move, they were nomads. They travel from place to place looking for food. They made tools out of stones and were hunters and gatherers.

What Did They Eat?

Paleolithic Era people ate meat from the animals they would hunt. They also gathered leaves, fruits, and nuts from trees and plants.

It was a very simple and pure way of living. This era is what the paleo diet is based on. Make sure you think about that when you choose the food you put in your body!

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