The Low Carb Flu And The Paleo Diet

You might have never heard of the “low carb flu.” Whether you are considering if the paleo diet is right for you, or you are fully onboard, you will want to know what to expect if you get the “low carb flu.”

What Is The “Low Carb Flu”?

When you go paleo, you cut down your carbohydrates intake to a minimum. This may cause your body to experience the side effects of this action. You may experience headaches, irritability, extreme exhaustion and brain fog. The name derives from these symptoms because they are similar to the ones you feel when you have the flu.

Some people will not experience any side effects. People with a better metabolism, who already were in a healthier path are likely to experience none. However, those who are coming from a heavy-carb based diet, are propense to the symptoms and might even experience craving for food that is rich in carbs.

The Good News

These symptoms are only short term. You will be back to your normal self and your energy will be much higher once your body adjusts to the change. It’s safe to say you will feel better than even before.

Don’t make the “low carb flu” an excuse to stop you from accomplishing your paleo diet goals. The little pain is nothing compared to the reward of a healthy lifestyle.

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