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Fun, Flavorful Paleo Breakfasts

  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day; and if you’re Paleo, you still have tons of options! Switch it up with this healthy smoothie, and try out Joe’s special when you need a grain-free “power meal” for a long day on the mountain or at the office. Green Paleo Smoothie:  The cardamon […]

paleo pork

Paleo Gourmet: Burmese Pork with Lemongrass   Paleo Burmese Pork with Lemongrass and Root Vegetables This flavorful dish is perfect to warm up on a cold winter evening and change up your paleo menu, too! Ingredients: ¾ pound pork shoulder strips 1 yellow onion ½ ounce ginger ½ pound Japanese sweet potato Baby bok choy Small bunch cilantro 1 lime […]